Avoid retakes with the Volpara®Live! System!

Poor image quality and technical recalls are costly in time, resources, and patient satisfaction.

With VolparaLive! technologists can improve results with every scan. VolparaLive! analyzes patient positioning and breast compression pressure to offer a real-time, objective quality score for every scan and view.

If a new scan is required, it can be done immediately, using the recommendations provided—the equivalent of an on-site coach right in the room with the technologist.

VolparaLive Screen

The compression pressure assessment performed by VolparaLive! provides recommended compression force that would deliver the target amount of pressure.

Mammographic positioning is evaluated by the vPGMI Standard Image Evaluation System for Mammography, categorizing each image as one of the following:

  • P (Perfect), This mammogram is an example of excellent work by the technologist
  • G (Good), This mammogram is high quality
  • M (Moderate), This mammogram is acceptable quality; technologist would be unlikely to repeat image(s)
  • I (Inadequate), This mammogram is poor quality; technologist might repeat image(s)

The above study was categorized as Perfect. Technologists can review individual images by tapping on the thumbnail to access additional details.

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Derry Imaging talks about their recent experience with VolparaLive! Their Women’s Imaging center is accredited by the ACR and the IAC for Mammography, MRI, CT, Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine and Cardiology, and they are an Accredited Breast Imaging Center of Excellence. Derry Imaging was one of the first in the area to offer 3-D Mammography.

If you’re already a Volpara customer, you know about our commitment to research on the objective, volumetric measurement of breast density—and its relevance to determining women’s risk of breast cancer. In the demo, you’ll see how we have used this research to develop a tool that helps technologists hone their skills while they improve results for your patients. And you’ll understand exactly how VolparaLive! pays for itself in cost savings from reduced retakes.

Volpara products include:

Quality assurance and performance monitoring

VolparaEnterprise software is a cost-effective, mission-critical tool that helps your team perform at its very best, delivering the highest-quality breast imaging services to the women in your community. Based on Microsoft’s robust Azure data technology, VolparaEnterprise software provides quick and easy ConstantQuality metrics and breast-specific key performance indicators (KPIs) through dynamic, interactive dashboards. VolparaEnterprise software updates these KPIs instantly with every mammography or tomosynthesis exam.

The benchmark in breast density assessment

VolparaDensity™ changes everything with an objective measurement of breast density. With VolparaDensity, radiologists now have access to the software that has provided automated, objective density assessment for more than 20 million women across the United States and around the world.

About Volpara Solutions

Volpara Solutions is the leading provider of breast imaging analytics. We help breast health teams monitor, analyze, and improve patient results—while increasing facility efficiency and manager and technologist productivity. Our ongoing research has helped set standards of care for women’s breast health. Volpara is a pioneer in defining objective, volumetric criteria for evaluating breast cancer risk among all women, especially those with dense breasts.

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